Our Story

California Roots, Mediterranean Traditions

In 1978, a woman named Edwina started a small baklava business in her Fresno, CA, kitchen. It was so popular that in the coming years, she had to move to increasingly larger production facilities just to meet demand. But even then, she never dreamed that 40 years later Sinbad Foods would become the largest specialty baklava producer in North America. Today Sinbad Foods continues to proudly create classic Mediterranean treats in our SQF Level 3 production facility in Madera, CA – still in the heart of California’s Central Valley and just 30 minutes from where it all started in Edwina’s kitchen.

The years have seen us add both sweet and savory creations, all while using old-world recipes for authentic, exotic tastes. From our delectable baklava to our other sinfully delicious bakery treats and our delicate Mediterranean specialties, all of our items have one crucial thing in common: they are handmade with fresh, high-quality ingredients by a dedicated and experienced team that takes great pride in sharing our recipes with you.

When it comes to sourcing those fresh, quality ingredients, we are committed to supporting our local economy by actively working with local suppliers whenever possible. All of our nuts, honey, eggs, and dairy products arrive wholesome and fresh, often from farms and ranches that are also our neighbors.

Take a bite of our mouth-watering food and set off on a journey to a time and place where the air is thick with the perfume of Mediterranean spices, roasting nuts, and honey; where artisan bakers combine wholesome ingredients to create hand-crafted pastries that intrigue, delight, and satisfy. Welcome to Sinbad Foods.

Ingredients We Love

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Simply The Best


Eating clean is pretty simple – you want to eat food that is fresh, real, and minimally processed and handled. Now, we’re making eating clean easier than ever with Sinbad Foods’ Simply Sinbad clean label baklava, which offers:

Why Clean Food Matters

An increasing amount of consumers are looking for ethnic, bite-sized desserts with natural ingredients. We’re proud to deliver authentic flavors with a “clean” label and long shelf life.


Do you know where your food comes from? At Simply Sinbad, we offer real Mediterranean flavors brought to you by locally sourced ingredients. Taste the authentic difference of our treats in every bite:

  • Enjoy traditional baklava taste with recipes from the Mediterranean & Middle East
  • Taste the true flavors of nuts, spices, & filo dough
  • Delight in the light, airy crispness of our flaky treats
  • Experience the passion in every handmade artisan dessert

Fresh & Convenient

When you’re ready to indulge in a delicious treat, you want to know it’s always fresh and ready to enjoy. Simply Sinbad offers innovative packaging to ensure freshness in a healthy way. Benefits of our packaging include:

  • Keeps baklava fresh & delicious for months without heavy syrup or artificial preservatives
  • Sealed clear film prolongs shelf life
  • Clear replaceable lid to keeps your treats fresh at home
  • Beautiful packaging makes a great gift or addition to your table
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